Haunted Dublin article in Lonely Planet Spain magazine

Ok, it helps if you read Spanish for this one – I’ve had an article published in the Spanish Lonely Planet magazine, thanks to Luis at Granangular. It’s based on my book, Haunted Dublin, published in October 2008. The article is basically a summary of many of the things in the book, with tales of […]

Emmon – Secrets & Lies Albino Wallaby single cover

Emmon – Secrets & Lies – albino wallaby, originally uploaded by blather. Here’s a CD from Swedish electro diva Emmon, that uses my albino wallaby portrait – taken last year in Tasmania, as the cover image. Thanks to Sebastian Hess at Wonderland records!

British Airways flight magazine – Lahinch Photograph

Here’s a photograph I just had published in the British Airways flight magazine Highlife. it’s accompanying a piece by Irish novelist Marian Keys. I hadn’t realised it was published until a friend was on a BA flight and stumbled across my credit beside the photograph – and then another friend sent it to me in […]

To Hell or Howth: The Hostel of the Red God

To Hell or Howth: The Hostel of the Red God

This is an expanded version of an article I had published in 2006, as part of the programme for Conor McPherson’s play The Seafarer, currently being staged at the National Theatre in London. I was asked to write a piece dealing with the mythology of Howth and places in the Dublin landscape. I soon discovered […]

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