The Black Marmot of Grand Teton

Black Marmot, Grand Teton National Park

Mellow the Black Marmot, near Surprise Lake, 3000m up in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. This rather large marmot certainly was a surprise. When we first spotted this black furry creature, stretched out on some rocks, I thought, what the hell, is this a baby black bear? A wolverine?

Judging Greenpeace’s Ecopolis photo competition

Greenpeace Ecopolis Photo Competition

I’m honoured to be judging this competition for Greenpeace Belgium: “are you a gifted photographer, or did you just eye for handsome images? Along with the photo magazine Shoot and the municipality of Bredene we organize the contest Ecopolis. Take part and win great prizes including a bicycle from Granville.”

Arctic Encore! at the Copper House Gallery

Dijmhna Sund, Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden

One of my pictures – showing a lead through some sea ice, near 79 Glacier in north eastern Greenland, is currently featured in an exhibition at Dublin’s Copper House Gallery:

The Copper House Gallery presents Encore!, a winter exhibition featuring the best of contemporary Irish fine art, photography and illustration. We will be showing an eclectic range of originals and limited edition prints from our gallery and invited artists. A great gift for loved ones, a treasure for life. (more…)

We can’t let 30 people be our conscience

The Arctic Sunrise, at the top of the Nares St (c) Dave Walsh/Greenpeace

I’ve just posted a blog about the Greenpeace Arctic 30 over on my new Cold Reality website: We Can’t Let 30 people Be Our conscience

Interview on Brussels International re: Arctic 30

At last month’s Arctic Nocturne, I was interviewed by Sarah Basha and Ryan Le Garrec from TV show Brussels International about my photography, and about my friends, who are still locked up in Murmansk, Russia: the Greenpeace Arctic 30.

Interview in Russia’s Novaya Gazeta about the Greenpeace Arctic 30

Dave Walsh Iceberg photo on cover of Novaya Gazeta, Russia

During the recent Arctic Nocturne here in Brussels, organised by Greenpeace Belgium, Neil Hamilton and I were interviewed by journalist Alexandre Mineev for Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, about the Greenpeace Arctic 30 situation.


Arctic Nocturne: An evening in solidarity with the Greenpeace Arctic 30

Dave Walsh speaking at Arctic Nocturne event in solidarity with Greenpeace Arctic 30

Dave Walsh speaking at Arctic Nocturne

UPDATE: Pictures from the event now in the slideshow and gallery below.

Also: Neil Hamilton and I were interviewed by journalist Alexandre Mineev for Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, about the Greenpeace Arctic 30 situation.

On October 17th, for the last evening of my photo exhibition, The Arctic: Another World? we’re having a special event in solidarity with the 30 Greenpeace Arctic activists currently being held in detention in Russia, at Brussels’ beautiful Bibliothèque de Laeken, hosted by Greenpeace Belgium and the Ville de Bruxelles.

Arctic exhibition interview in Metro Brussels

Dave Walsh in Brussels Metro Newspaper

The Arctic: Another World?, a solo exhibition of my polar photography, during October 20213 Bibliothèque de Laeken in Brussels, presented by Greenpeace Belgium and the Ville de Bruxelles. To coincide with the show, journalist Camille Goret Interviewed me for the French edition of Metro Bruxelles.


William T Vollman, the Vikings, Greenland and Me

William T Vollman La Tunique de Glace photographer Dave Walsh

Last week, I had coffee with Belgian journalist, Camille Goret, at his office in central Brussels. So central is Camille’s office, it’s practically in the same building, the city’s Gare de Central. I was there to pontificate about my forthcoming photography exhibition, hosted by the Ville de Bruxelles and Greenpeace Belgium, but in the course of things, Camille mentioned that he’d seen on my photographs, the Sleeping Dragon, on the cover of a book.

The Arctic: Another World? opens to public in Brussels

Dave Walsh The Arctic: Another World?

Update: To close the exhibition, we had Arctic Nocturne: An evening of solidarity for the Arctic 30

On Monday September 30, 2013, The Arctic: Another World?, a solo exhibition of my polar photography, will open at the Bibliothèque de Laeken in Brussels, presented by Greenpeace Belgium and the Ville de Bruxelles. Running until October 18, the exhibition is open to the public – so please come along if you’re in town. There’s a vernissage, as they say here – an official opening, at 11am on October 1st, and all are welcome.

Behind the Lens: Sleeping Dragon Featured in Irish Independent Weekend Magazine

Dave Walsh's Iceberg photo in Irish Independent Weekend Magazine

The above image appeared in The Irish Independent‘s Weekend Magazine, on April 2013, as part of Behind the Lens, a series where the editors ask “Ireland’s best known photographers to send us a shot of their proudest work and explain in a few lines why it’s their favourite piece. ”

So, here’s what I wrote:


Why there are no penguins in the Arctic

Brunnich's Guillemot

Brunnich’s Guillemot © Dave Walsh

So, penguins live in the south, and polar bears in the north – never the twain will meet, despite the best efforts of toymakers and cartoons. But was there ever penguins in the Arctic? Dave investigates.

The Arctic: Another World? Opens at Belgian Senate

Dave Walsh The Arctic: Another World?

On Tuesday April 23, 2013, Greenpeace Belgium will launch Arctic: Another World?, a solo exhibition of my polar photography, at the Belgian Senate building in Brussels. Aimed at policymakers, the exhibition runs until the 26th and is not open to the general public – but I’m currently working with Greenpeace and other partners to setup a big public exhibition in Brussels in the coming months – more news on this very soon!


Arctic Iceberg photo makes front cover of GEO France

Geo France, March 2013, iceberg by Dave Walsh
View it large »

I’m delighted to share these images with you – my picture of an iceberg, made in Nugatsiaq, West Greenland in 2009, has been featured on the front cover of the March 2013 issue of GEO France magazine (circulation 250,000). I made the image, of a high altitude cloud ‘erupting’ over a triple-arched iceberg, while sailing by on the Greenpeace icebreaker, Arctic Sunrise.


Two and Two Interview

Armchair on Bull Island © Dave Walsh 2009

I’ve done a few interviews recently, all of which have had the unexpected outcome of telling me more about myself, my photography, and my reason for doing things than I had expected. The latest interview was by the insightful writer, photographer and web designer David Moore, who has been a friend and colleague for almost 16 years. We know each other from our days in Dublin. Now, he’s in New Mexico and I’m in Brussels, we had to catch up over Skype, instead of over Guinness in Ryans of Parkgate St.

David has devised a simple, and intriguing interview format: each photographer suggests two of their own images and two by other photographers, and David asks questions about the photographer’s relationship with each.


A Micronation Once Again: The Saltee Islands

Atlantic Puffin, Saltee Islands, Wexford

Off the coast of southeast Ireland lie the two small Saltee Islands. Their simple, low-slung landscapes, four or five kilometres of the Wexford fishing village of Kilmore Quay belie their layers of history, folklore and bizarre stories. On approach, there are few warnings of the extent of the islands’ abundant wildlife, but more than 220 species of birds live, nest, or migrate through the Saltees, including gannets, fulmars, kittiwakes, puffins, shearwaters, razorbills and guillemots, all completely unfussed by human visitors. Curious grey seals eat fish scraps from the hands of fishermen, and stalk daytrippers who walk the cliffs – their big doe eyes staring up plaintively from the azure waters below.

Nothing is ordinary here. So I didn’t write anything ordinary.


The Cold Edge in Inquire Magazine

Inquire Magazine featuring The Cold Edge by Dave Walsh
Congratulations to Jack Laurenson and the team at Inquire Magazine, which yesterday scooped Best News and Business Magazine and Best Launch (new magazine) – at the Digital Magazine Awards.

Winter Newsletter: The Cold Edge Continues

The Cold Edge Launch, photo © Alex Yallop

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Welcome to my winter newsletter, with news on the continuing Cold Edge adventure, how you can get your hands on the Cold Edge book and a chance to catch my photographs at the Christmas Exhibition at The Copper House, Dublin, from this Thursday, November 29th.

Christmas exhibition at The Copper House

Christmas Exhibition at the Copper House Gallery, Dublin, with Dave walsh Great news: The 2012 Christmas exhibition opens on November 29th at Dublin’s Copper House Gallery, featuring my Cold Edge photographs, and runs until – January 8th 2013. If you’re in Dublin, drop in and check out my photographs, and the work of many talented artists.


Photoshelter Interview: The Cold Edge

Photoshelter Interview of Dave Walsh on The Cold Edge

Thanks to Lauren Margolis, and the guys over at Photoshelter for taking time out of mopping after the recent Hurricane Sandy, to publish a fun Q&A with me about photographing in icy and very sunny conditions.

Lauren writes:

Picture this: You’re out on a ship in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. From afar, the icebergs look like moderately-sized chunks. But as you get closer, you realize that your little ship dwarfs in comparison to these monstrous beings, and they’re actually not still at all, but slowly bobbing in the water. And every now and then, a hunk (the size of your head? your car? you can’t tell from here) breaks off the side.

It might sound nerve-racking, but polar and environmental photographer Dave Walsh lives for this kind of adventure. “The frozen regions of our planet have the power to ignite imaginations,” says Dave, “but for most of the 7 billion people on Earth, the Arctic and Antarctic remain abstract and unreachable.”


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