The Arctic: Another World? Opens at Belgian Senate

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Dave Walsh The Arctic: Another World?

On Tuesday April 23, 2013, Greenpeace Belgium will launch Arctic: Another World?, a solo exhibition of my polar photography, at the Belgian Senate building in Brussels. Aimed at policymakers, the exhibition runs until the 26th and is not open to the general public – but I’m currently working with Greenpeace and other partners to setup a big public exhibition in Brussels in the coming months – more news on this very soon!

“With his images, photographer Dave Walsh offers a unique look at the Arctic. A beautiful area melting at record speed. With the disappearance of the ice, the dark sea water will absorb more heat, increasing the Earth’s temperatures by several degrees. The North Pole is not a mythical place or “another world” but a threatened area, capable of impacting our lifestyles”.

The Arctic: Another World? Exhibition – Images by Dave Walsh

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  1. […] with Greenpeace Belgium is running through January 2016 at Le Rayon Vert in Brussels. “The Arctic: Another World?” exhibition has toured in Belgium since 2013 – three years later, it’s still […]

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