The Cold Edge Launch at the Copper House Gallery

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Cold Edge Launch, photo (c) Alex Yallop
The Cold Edge Launch, photo © Alex Yallop

Introduced by curator Leszek Wolnik, and poet Duncan Cleary, my Cold Edge Exhibition opened on September 13th 2012, in Dublin’s Copper House Gallery, Dublin, featuring 16 limited editions prints of my polar photographs. It both was sobering and exciting to enter the gallery earlier in the day to see the work made flesh – the images that have been part of my life, part of my mind for so long, now printed, huge, and hung upon a gallery wall. From that moment, I realised, the pictures are no longer really mine – I’ve shared them with the wider world, for people to impose their own expectations and assumptions upon them. I’m quite happy about this, I have no interest in stifling my work, or worrying the chance that someone might misinterpret it. It’s out there, wild, and free to be interpreted.

The evening’s launch was funny, frenzied and busy – lots of new faces, lots of old friends, and the nervousness of standing up and explaining what it’s all about. I had some help, however, from Leszek and Duncan, who were hard acts to follow:

Curator Leszek Wolnik said: “We’re always excited when we have a new show but this is quite exceptional – the energy in here today when we were all walking around! In the morning, when you’ve gotthe morning light in the gallery, and you’ve got those images… I don’t want to overdo it, but, it almost felt, I hesitate to use the word, “sacred”, with a feeling of peace and sanctity”.
Leszek Wolnik introducing The Cold Edge (mp3)

“Everybody should have a mate like Dave… then you get to tell people ‘my mate Dave’, and about all the mad stuff that he’s done, and they don’t really believe you.”

“Dave displays a kind of dogged professionalism and persistence with what he does, which perhaps isn’t that common these days, with people’s short attention spans. And I think it should be applauded, because his commitment to his work is very clear”.
Duncan Cleary: My Mate Dave (mp3)

“These are real places, they seem like they’re on another planet, but it’s this planet… as Duncan said a lot of these pictures are ephemeral. Most of what I’ve photographer here doesn’t exist anymore, or reference which may not exist… all of these things are in flux”.
Dave Walsh, The Cold Edge


The Cold Edge Launch – Images by Dave Walsh

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