Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Photo Booth, Paris

I don’t doubt that I often make pictures of strange objects – but it’s a little bizarre to see one’s image turn up in a book like Christopher Salyers’ Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism, published by Mark Batty.

Not that I’m surprised – Christopher contacted me about using the picture back last May, just after I’d uploaded my photograph of a somewhat customised photo booth by the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris. Now the book is out, full of weird and wonderful vending machines around the world. My favourite fact – there’s one vending machine for every twenty-three people in Japan! Nice work, Christopher…

 Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism

Vending Machines: Coined Consumerism

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  1. DAVID LAVERY says:

    Hi David
    I came across your site while searching for fine art photographers in ireland.
    I have to say that i think your work is stunning. Your lighting and look to the images is truly fantastic.

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