Electric Picnic Photographs: That Petrol Emotion

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


Just heard from my old pal Steve Mack, leader singer of That Petrol Emotion, who has just featured my photographs of their Electric Picnic 2008 performance on the band’s website. It’s all part of the excitement building around their upcoming performance at Oxegen 2009.

That Petrol Emotion: Time to Get Excited »
More of my Electric Picnic 2008 images, including Nick Cave, George Clinton, My Bloody Valentine, Grace Jones and more…

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2 Responses to “Electric Picnic Photographs: That Petrol Emotion”

  1. Reamann says:

    that text about TPE still hasn’t changed on your photos of us at the picnic – please can you change it as i previously asked, i hope it’s not too much trouble – take care
    cheers R.

  2. Dave says:

    Hi Reaman, have made the changes, just need to clear your cache, possibly. Thanks!

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